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— Exciting News —
You can now join GSIC2023 via Live Stream! 

We have received hundreds of requests from our community who cannot join us in Orlando this year but don’t want to miss out on the amazing content, so we are excited to announce we will now be Live Streaming some of the event!  


This is the ultimate event for our Galactic community to join together to learn from the experts who are so passionate about this information. 


This live streaming is not designed to be a replacement for attending the in-person event. However we are very happy to offer some of the sessions to our GSIC community worldwide! 

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For those Galactic and Spiritual souls who cannot attend in person, we have decided to hold a virtual Zoom, so we can globally share this ancient and healing information. Please come and be immersed in rich cultures, top secret organizations and untold truths. We are ready! Are you?


  • Via Zoom, you will be able to view some of our best speaker sessions including:

    • Jean-Charles Moyen

    • Tony Rodrigues

    • Christiane Northrup

    • Dani Henderson

    • Jerry Wills

    • Corina Pataki

    • Dan Willis

    • Melanié Charest

    • Brad Olsen

    • 2 Speaker Panels with attendee Q&A


NOTE: Keynote sessions with Elena Danaan & Dr. Michael Salla are NOT streamed, although they will be on the speaker panels.



The Live Streaming is in REAL-TIME with sessions broadcast at the same time they are being held in-person (Eastern Time Zone). After the event commences, all Live Streaming ticket-holders will be sent the Zoom recordings to view the sessions you may have missed, at your leisure.




Day 1 - 11:30am - 6:30pm

Day 2 - 11:00am - 6:30pm

Day 3 - 8:45am - 12:30pm 


Tune in from the comfort of your desk (or plan a watch party!) and get the Galactic insights you seek to supercharge your life. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!  

PRICING for the 3-Day Event is $399 
(individual days or single sessions are not available for purchase)

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a detailed schedule, information on how to access the streaming, and further details. 


Register to get your GSIC2023 Live Streaming ticket below!


What IS NOT included in the live streaming option?

These specific guest speakers & sessions will NOT be available on the stream:

  • Elena Danaan

  • Dr. Michael Salla 

  • A special evening event with psychic Nicky Alan 

  • Special final speaker panel (and Q&A) with all GSIC speakers together on the final day

  • Closing ceremony & special presentation

Will I be able to ask questions of the guest speakers? 

No, at this time you will not be able to ask questions or interact live with the speakers or participants in the room. 

What am I missing out on besides the keynote speakers if I don’t attend live? 

While our live-streaming option offers many of our great features speakers there are also pieces of the conference we cannot connect the livestream with such as: 

  • Vendor halls filled with products and services aligned to this global movement & optimizing your health

  • Book Signings with the GSIC speakers/authors

  • Breakfast buffet, coffee/tea and snack breaks

  • Dinner + Disco special Saturday evening event

  • No ability to network, meet and socialize with like-minded people who seek to be part of this historical awakening.

Can I get a refund of my Live Streaming ticket after purchase?

We have a strict NO REFUND policy. Regardless of the reason or need for your cancellation, we are unable to return or refund the ticket price. 

Anything else I should know?

If the GSIC2023 event is unable to be held for unforeseen circumstances (IE: Acts of God, etc), your funds will quickly be returned in the amount purchased.

Once you have completed your Live Streaming ticket purchase, you will receive a session-by-session schedule, information on how to access the streaming, and further details. 

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