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Ready to experience the Galactic Conference in the comfort of your home??

 Galactic & spiritual informers 2022 event
video recording 

Now you can purchase the Video Recordings from the
Galactic & Spiritual Informers Connection 2022 Live Event
Held on Oct 21-23, 2022 in Orlando, Florida

What is on the recordings?

A high-resolution full-color video of the speaker's full presentation, or a multiple speaker's panel session, at the event. Duration of each session is between 60-90 mins. If the speaker offered time for Q&A (questions & answers) with participants, that is also included on recording.

What is NOT on the recordings?

The videos do NOT include the speaker's presentation visuals (Powerpoint, Video Clips, Photographs) because this is the speaker's intellectual property. 

The videos can be purchased in two ways:

Option 1: Singles: One selected presentation at the live event

Option 2:  Complete Event Package: All 14 presentations over the 3-day live event

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